An unexpected turn with One Ok Rock


I have always been a fan of music. No matter what genre would that be, I will always enjoy listening to it. Even if it is in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese or in any language, I will eventually learn to love it.

Just lately, I was so high listening to some new beats. And then the unexpected happened. I came across with this Japanese rock band named One Ok Rock.

To be honest, I am not that familiar with the music scene in Japan (although, I was already a fan of pop idol Utada Hikaru since way back). But when it comes to other genres like punk, rock and metal, I am so clueless.

When I first heard the band’s song entitled, “Answer Is Near”, I thought that they sounded really awesome! I didn’t realize at first that they were Japanese since their music sounds like from various Western influences. What even surprised me is the fact that I could hear the elements of pure rock into that song.

If you try listening to some of their other songs like “The beginning”, “Deeper Deeper”, “Liar” and “No scared”, you would think they sound a bit like most American bands such as Fall Out Boy, Paramore and Linkin Park.

The other great thing about this band is the fact that every member is equally talented. Tomoya takes control of the drums and he sure knows how to keep it rocking. Ryota on bass puts his own flavour into every song. Toru, the lead guitarist also makes every chord hard to ignore. Lastly, the vocalist named Taka possesses an exceptional voice quality perfect for a rock icon.

As a lover of rock music, I can say that this band has more potential to succeed. Although they had their debut in 2008, I can see a promising future for them. Despite being compared to various rock artists, they still manage to show their own style.

What I also love about this band is the messages behind their songs. For one, I don’t understand Japanese that is why I search for some translations on it. And based from what I have read, their songs really contain some deeper meaning. Listening to their song “Be The Light” made me think that they too are gifted with song writing.

I do admit that I just recently became a fan. In fact, I am still even trying to search for some of their songs that I can listen to. Every time I get to hear a new song from them, I am just left in awe.

Even until now as I am writing this entry, I am still amazed by the music that they have created. This whole time I did not know that a band like this ever existed. Moreover, this was sure to be an unexpected turn for me. These past experiences have definitely moved me in so many ways.

Hope you give this band a chance and try to listen to some of their songs. Maybe you will be surprised as well!


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  1. under southern lights?are you perhaps from ubec city??if you have facebook try to search for the P.O.O.R… Philippine One Ok Rockers’s group…you’ll get goodies and related stuff from fello ONE OK ROCK FANS..hehehe just sayin

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